How to Rate Yourself as a Software Developer

Ever been to a job interview where you are asked to rate yourself as a software developer? If not, at some point you are probably going to need to do that. Now ask yourself if you know everything about Java, C#, .Net or any technology. How would you rate yourself as a software developer? Since the thing you do know are known then I guess you would rate yourself as highly skilled. Answering with a very high score gives the questioner the opportunity to come Continue reading →

How to Read a Book 3X Faster

Just One Book Read so Far This year I had a goal of reading just two books. One was The Passionate Programmer, the other was Effective Java. The first book is a slightly technical book targeting software developers. The second is a highly technical book written for software developers. As the year came to a close, I finally finished reading The Passionate Programmer. I failed miserably at completing Effective Java. The book is really difficult to read. I did not place a priority on finishing Continue reading →

Simple Programmer Top 5 Videos

I watch a lot of John Sonmez’s video on his Simple Programmer YouTube channel. I thought it would be interesting to create a list of the top five videos that I like the most. There is a lot of great content in these videos. In any case, these videos which were produced for software developers also apply to people in other occupations. You do not need to know any programming languages so click on the video name to view the video if the title looks Continue reading →

December Underground – Stay Alive, Code Later

This time I have an article that has nothing to do with software development. December is coming and you need to get off the road and go underground hence the title. The Media Ignores Threats The media ignores car accidents because they occur with such frequency. Car accidents do not generate much interest hence little advertising revenue and therefore little press coverage. What about ebola? How many people died of ebola in the United States in 2015? Two. Let me repeat, two people died of Continue reading →