The Ruby Rogues Podcast Review

The Ruby Rogues podcast purports to cover the Ruby programming language but once you start listening, you realize that there’s a lot more to this show than just Ruby. This is what makes the show appealing to people who are not Ruby coders. Typical shows include four to five hosts and occasionally a guest invitee. The show has a professional recording setup so the sound quality of the episodes is excellent.  Topics in the past have included how to become a better developer, testing, technical debt, Continue reading →

ANSI SQL to Retrieve the First n Rows

Now that we know how to retrieve the n-th row from a table, let’s use ANSI SQL to retrieve the first n rows from  table. The SQL should run on any ANSI SQL compliant database. Let’s go back and have a look at Figure 1 from my previous article. By making a small change to the query from my previous article, we can easily retrieve the first n-rows from a table. Example ANSI SQL to Retrieve the n-th Row -- Select the 500th row sorted Continue reading →

ANSI SQL to Select the n-th Row

Ever wonder if you could write an ANSI SQL statement to select the row n from an SQL database table without resorting to vendor specific syntax? I found a way to do just that, by selecting row n from a table using ANSI SQL that should run on any ANSI SQL compliant database. Vendors offer various non-ANSI ways to select the n-th row from their database but they all share one negative characteristic, the solution is not portable to other SQL implementations form other vendors. Continue reading →