Video Channel Launch

How many times do you see a presentation and wish you you had a recording so you could review it later? You can take notes but then sometimes you still miss writing down key information because it comes at you too quickly. I started a couple of YouTube channels a few weeks ago to address this issue. The channel videos cover Java, Scala, Data Science, Functional Programming, and other topics. The people presenting the initial content are from the DFW Data Science group, the Dallas Continue reading →

A Tiny 8086 Assembler

James Burke Since I have no great ideas for an article, I am going to do something different. James Burke produced a hugely popular TV series called Connections in the 1970’s. I am going to write an article about assembly language that seems completely unrelated to Data Science or Scala and find a weak but non-zero to these topics. James Burke¬† did this in his TV series and I am doing the same. My Systems Programming Project When I was going to night school completing Continue reading →

Eliminate Scala Mutations with State Tokens

Given that functional programs avoid mutations and side effects, that means the programs change nothing and are useless. Simon Peyton Jones brought up this point in his Haskell is Useless video. Image your functional program takes input a chocolate cream pie, performs no mutations, and outputs the same chocolate cream pie with no changes. The cookie monster on the other end gets the pie, eats it, and declares functional programming is great! Those nasty imperative programs eat the whole pie but functional programs do nothing. Continue reading →

Java to Scala in Three Steps

In order to gain functional programming skills, you need to write applications that use the idiom. Since I code in Java version 8 without using the functional features that were introduced, I needed a plan to get from Java coded in the imperative idiom to Scala coded in the functional idiom. What follows are the three steps I took to learn the fundamentals of Scala. Convert Java to Scala Write Scala Using Imperative Code Write Scala Using Functional Code Step One – Convert Java to Continue reading →