How to Rate Yourself as a Software Developer

Ever been to a job interview where you are asked to rate yourself as a software developer? If not, at some point you are probably going to need to do that. Now ask yourself if you know everything about Java, C#, .Net or any technology. How would you rate yourself as a software developer? Since the thing you do know are known then I guess you would rate yourself as highly skilled. Answering with a very high score gives the questioner the opportunity to come Continue reading →

How to Prioritize Software Defects

If you work as a software developer, you get to see your share of defects. A release goes to the testing group. They find a number of defects and assign priorities to the defects. What do you think is the most common priority assigned? If you have gone through a couple of release cycles, you know that most defects are ranked as high. I just talked to my manager a few weeks ago. He said that the defects in his team were mostly all ranked Continue reading →

The Technical Debt Death Spiral

Software developers are are often pressed to deliver work on time and on schedule. The developers succeed by working overtime and under stress. Just get it out the door is the attitude. Who cares about maintenance? I need to look good to keep my job. Technical Debt Later the business finds maintaining and modifying the code to difficult and expensive. Their solution is to hire more staff. To get the quantity of staff they need, they start hiring anyone they can get. They do not Continue reading →