Project Euler Statistics by Country

If you are a member of the Project Euler web site, you my know that the site tracks various statistics about its members.  I did some analysis of the members and my report is below. If you log into the Project Euler site you can get statistics on several categories. Project Euler Stats by Country To get the country statistics, I scraped the data from the P.E. web site using Excel. I then had to prepare the data which required some clean up. The country Continue reading →

The R Language

With the implementation of the functional idiom in languages such as Haskell, Scala, Java, Python, Ruby, and C#, is the R language relevant? One thing to note about function languages is that they do not support mutations. Java 8 finally gave Java developers a taste of functional programming but the feature is just an add on to the language.  This was done, I think, to maintain backwards compatibility with the millions of Java applications in the field. The R Language versus Statically Typed Languages One Continue reading →

Take Ownership of Windows Files

If you have ever copied a file from another Windows system on to an external hard, you may have run into a problem where you cannot access the files or directories. That is, Windows does not allow you to change directory or even if you could, will not allow you to read files in that directory. This happened to me when I copied several video files from my Windows tablet, to an external hard drive. When I tried to watch the videos on a Windows Continue reading →

How to Read a Book 3X Faster

Just One Book Read so Far This year I had a goal of reading just two books. One was The Passionate Programmer, the other was Effective Java. The first book is a slightly technical book targeting software developers. The second is a highly technical book written for software developers. As the year came to a close, I finally finished reading The Passionate Programmer. I failed miserably at completing Effective Java. The book is really difficult to read. I did not place a priority on finishing Continue reading →