The R Language

With the implementation of the functional idiom in languages such as Haskell, Scala, Java, Python, Ruby, and C#, is the R language relevant? One thing to note about function languages is that they do not support mutations. Java 8 finally gave Java developers a taste of functional programming but the feature is just an add on to the language.  This was done, I think, to maintain backwards compatibility with the millions of Java applications in the field. The R Language versus Statically Typed Languages One Continue reading →

Video Channel Launch

How many times do you see a presentation and wish you you had a recording so you could review it later? You can take notes but then sometimes you still miss writing down key information because it comes at you too quickly. I started a couple of YouTube channels a few weeks ago to address this issue. The channel videos cover Java, Scala, Data Science, Functional Programming, and other topics. The people presenting the initial content are from the DFW Data Science group, the Dallas Continue reading →

A Tiny 8086 Assembler

James Burke Since I have no great ideas for an article, I am going to do something different. James Burke produced a hugely popular TV series called Connections in the 1970’s. I am going to write an article about assembly language that seems completely unrelated to Data Science or Scala and find a weak but non-zero to these topics. James Burke  did this in his TV series and I am doing the same. My Systems Programming Project When I was going to night school completing Continue reading →

How do I Stop Using Brute Force?

I you you want to stop using brute force to solve problems, I have some thoughts on the subject. I solve ProjectEuler problems and solve most of them with brute force; however, along the way I am also using sets, lists, and sieves to get the answers. I look at what I gained from solving the problem and look at ways to improve the solution with design patterns, functional idioms, or refactoring to improve comprehension. I solved Problem 31 – Coins Sum without using brute Continue reading →