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Reduce Boiler Plate Code with Functional Interfaces

Java High Order Functions After writing an article about Java curried functions, I decided to try another approach. Instead of using lambda expressions defined as high order functions, use function interfaces that implement lambdas to reduce the boiler plate. If you look at the way high order functions are defined and passed in Java 8, it’s not pretty. The expressions contain a lot of text and angled brackets. You also need to understand curried functions and how to call them. That is not hard but Continue reading →

From Unknown to Hero

In this week’s article, I have three examples here that show that it is possible for unknown people to rise to positions of achievement. This happened to people in the computer science realm like Brendan Eich (Javascript), Bill Joy (Sun Microsystems, vi), Martin Odersky (Java, Scala), Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby), Simon Peyton Jones (Haskell), and Ray Tomlinson (email). Hans Orberg Who is Hans Orberg? Hans started as an unknown professor teaching languages in Europe. The fellow who wrote an obscure book, Lingua Latina per se Illustrata Continue reading →