Monthly Archives: August 2016

Java Curried Functions

When I coded a solution to Project Euler Problem 11, I used a Java BiFunction() to create a lambda expression with two parameters. I then needed a Java TriFunction() to pass three parameters. Java 8 did not have one. I had to get my article published so I left the code as is. This meant that the code that multiplied matrix cells was coded to multiply four cells. Here is an example of a BiFunction() with two parameters that can be converted to three inputs Continue reading →

Video Channel Launch

How many times do you see a presentation and wish you you had a recording so you could review it later? You can take notes but then sometimes you still miss writing down key information because it comes at you too quickly. I started a couple of YouTube channels a few weeks ago to address this issue. The channel videos cover Java, Scala, Data Science, Functional Programming, and other topics. The people presenting the initial content are from the DFW Data Science group, the Dallas Continue reading →