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How Does a Monad Work?

When I was in university, the professor when through the formal definition of a mathematical limit. The definition was abstract and solving problems with limits did not require understanding the definition of a limit so I made it through the class without really grasping the definition. After I graduated, I spent hours going over the definition and finally understood the definition by showing that:     Obviously the correct solution is 5 but proving the result was not 6 forced me to understand the definition Continue reading →

Palindrome Challenge

I decided to try and solve ProjectEuler Problem 125 because the problem involved a palindrome, my favorite problem type. If you look at the following phrases, you can see that if you ignore spacing and punctuation, the phrases are palindromes. Ah Satan sees Natasha Go hang a Salami. I’m a lasagna hog Neeta sees a teen The first two are standard phrases. I came up with the third phrase. Problem 125 – Palindromic Sums The problem from ProjectEuler just involves numbers and is listed below. Continue reading →