Monthly Archives: April 2016

What is Reification?

Reification is a term that crops up in computer science and is not something I even heard when studying computer science. The term sounds strange but knowing some latin can help decode the the meaning of the word. If you understand what deification is then reification is just a step away. Latin to the Rescue Deus is the latin name for a god and dei is the genitive form of the noun. Dei is the form that applies to things that are owned or related Continue reading →

How do I Stop Using Brute Force?

I you you want to stop using brute force to solve problems, I have some thoughts on the subject. I solve ProjectEuler problems and solve most of them with brute force; however, along the way I am also using sets, lists, and sieves to get the answers. I look at what I gained from solving the problem and look at ways to improve the solution with design patterns, functional idioms, or refactoring to improve comprehension. I solved Problem 31 – Coins Sum without using brute Continue reading →

ScalaKata: An alternative to the Scala REPL

If you would a like a light weight Scala IDE alternate for your data science project that runs on virtual any device with a web browser, you should have a look at a tool call ScalaKata that is available at The site offers a web based sandbox for running Scala code.  This tool is great for teaching Scala or running Scala at a user group because everyone who has a PC with Wi-Fi can test the code on their PC without having to install Continue reading →