Monthly Archives: March 2016

Three Functional Programming People You Should Know

Simon Peyton Jones I first saw Simon scribbling diagrams in a notebook explaining why Haskell was useless. What he said made a lot of sense and he seemed to be an enthusiastic teacher. Simon was born in South Africa which is why he sounds a bit British but not exactly British. I believe Simon is currently working at Microsoft as a researcher. Simon turned out to be one of the key contributors to the Haskell programming language and the author of the Glascow Haskell compiler. Continue reading →

Two Ways To Use Functional Programming In Java 7

Stuck on Java 5, 6, or 7? Java 8 finally brings some functional code idioms to the language. Given that many applications are still using Java version 5, 6, and 7, is there any way to use functional idioms in these versions that do not have direct support for functional programming?. After solving a ProjectEuler problem with Scala and imperative Java, I went back to my Java 8 solution and created a functional solution using the Java 8 Stream API and a second functional version Continue reading →