Monthly Archives: December 2015

Prime Number Verification

I had been working on ProjectEuler Problem 41 for a while. What happened is that I thought this problem might easily be solved if I could calculate a large number of primes in memory. The idea was to enumerate a pandigital number and then check a prime number verification array to see if the enumeration was prime. Problem 41 – Pandigital Prime We shall say that an n-digit number is pandigital if it makes use of all the digits 1 to n exactly once. For example, 2143 Continue reading →

Learn How to Fall Without Getting Hurt

Learn How to Fall While on vacation, I visited the Washington State Arboritum. Before entering the Japanese garden, I found a section with Japanese maples that were outside the garden.  One of the maples I found there is below. I wandered around for almost two hours that included a tour of the Japanese garden. The garden had maples that were turning various shades of red and yellow and even though it was late in the fall, the colours were still spectacular. As my tour of the Continue reading →

Java to Scala in Three Steps

In order to gain functional programming skills, you need to write applications that use the idiom. Since I code in Java version 8 without using the functional features that were introduced, I needed a plan to get from Java coded in the imperative idiom to Scala coded in the functional idiom. What follows are the three steps I took to learn the fundamentals of Scala. Convert Java to Scala Write Scala Using Imperative Code Write Scala Using Functional Code Step One – Convert Java to Continue reading →

Zune HD Education Machine

When I commute to my job, I use the travel time as an opportunity to listen to educational material.  The Zune HD makes an excellent dedicated audio or video player that I prefer over cell phones or small mp3 players if you can get by without Bluetooth connectivity. Of course, if you drive, you cannot watch videos but podcasts are fair game. I just bought a refurbished Zune HD with 16 GB of memory. This model replaced my Zune mini with 8 GB and the Continue reading →