Monthly Archives: July 2015

Project Euler

So you thought this site was about technical subjects and now I am writing about a site for math geeks. Have I lost my mind? Not really, you need to at least have a look at this site as you can improve your software development skills to an amazing degree just by solving problems. There are over 500,000 members on this site that have solved at least one problem. What you will find at is a rather large set of problems, mostly mathematical in Continue reading →

User Group Adventures

If you are wondering why I am writing an article on user group meetings, it’s because they offer an opportunity to acquire new skills and meet new people. I have been to a number of user group meetings including ones for Java, Scala, and Data Science over a period of about three months. I also attended the 2015 Azure bootcamp. Java User Group The first Java user group meeting I attended featured Allen Smith and Matthew McCullough as the presenters.  They both work for GitHub and did Continue reading →

How to Start Blogging

I started my technical blog after reading Change Your Life With this Free Blogging Course by John Sonmez. I watched John’s Youtube video that explained how to set up a WordPress blog in five minutes. Setting up my site took longer than that. Overall, getting the site running was relatively easy compared to the hard part, writing my own content. You can get the John’s free course on how to start your blog at How to Create a Blog That Boosts Your Software Development Career. Get Your Own Continue reading →

Why Learn Scala?

With the difficulty of learning a new paradigm like functional programming, one might ask, why learn Scala, or any functional programming languages? After all, most experienced developers have been doing imperative programming with C, C++, and Java for years. Why learn a new way of programming that requires an enormous reworking of the thought process? Learning functional programming is a bit like learning a new language like Russian. At first it looks doable. There are training courses, videos on the web, and maybe even native Continue reading →