Monthly Archives: June 2015

Git Branches for Reliable Backups

After over four hundred commits, I’ve decided to stop adding my changes to mainly the master branch. I started using more git branches for my personal software projects. My projects started with ProjectEuler solutions then branched out to TopCoder solutions. Now I’m writing code in Ruby and Scala. Git Branches This is just too much to manage under one branch so I am learning and applying what I saw in Matthew J McCullough‘s Java User’s Group Presentation. Matthew’s message was clear, branching is easy, start using Continue reading →

Learn Git the Hard Way

I have watched a lot of videos and read many books to learn various technologies and noticed a pattern.  Watch the video, read the book, then six months later I tried using the technology. What happened? I was unable to use the technology because when I studied the subject, I was just consuming the content. All I did was watch the video or read the book.  I did not implement or practice anything I learned, so the retention of the material was extremely poor. Danish Continue reading →

Linking a New GitHub Repository to Git is Duck Soup

Want any easy way to set a remote GitHub repository for a new Git Project? The key is to set up the repository in the GitHub account first. Step one is to create your new repository in GitHub. Once that is completed, find the HTTPS clone URL text on the GitHub repository and click on the copy URL icon. Now go to the folder on your local machine where you want to create the local repository. Open a Command Prompt, PowerShell, or Bash shell and Continue reading →

Why I chose Git as my Version Control System

After working for years with ad hoc backups, I decided to finally look for a way to systematically back up my laptop computer. Up to that point, I was just hooking up an external drive and doing a mass file copy to the drive. These backups were infrequent. They left me open to major losses on files that were new or changed frequently like my software development projects. Later, I found a program called SynBackFree that is easy to use and backs up my laptop Continue reading →